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Your Point of View

Does it not come from where you stand?

The group of people around you and what you hear them say?

Most of the time do we not just repeat what we hear from the news our friends or from social media?

Some call it influencers where we compete to be heard or gain the attention of those who listen?

Truth is not always in what we hear or see or think we know.

As every person has free will and chooses what to do with their lives, truth becomes subjective, in how we feel or what we think other people see in us.

To accept, embrace and appreciate who we are or think we are gives us room to develop, to grow and change as our circumstances change.

We change not to suit anybody but to come into an agreement with who we want to be.

Those who think they are perfect trip, slip and fall before they accept that nobody is perfect, including themselves.

If nobody is perfect then change in our thought pattern, behaviour and the way we relate to others changes constantly.

If my relationship is peaceful and harmonious with a group of people such as family and friends, then I will find more and better ways to maintain what fulfills me and enhances the good relationships I have and aspire to.

When situations and things come to sour, that relationship, especially if I do not have a clue how something so beautiful has developed ugly, cracks to the point of breaking. I then I owe it to myself to step back and examine myself.

Because when I am tempted to think that it is someone else's fault, I become blind to what I may have contributed to cause cracks in that relationship..

If it turns out that the people I have this relationship with have decided that it is no longer necessary to continue to relate like before, then for sake of my own peace of mind, I would release them from my heart and emotions and let let them go.

Memories remain precious even after a breakup. Nobody forgets the beauty and fragrance of summer flowers in the middle of winter.

Cherish those memories and be grateful that you experienced them.

To wipe out all good memories because of hurt feelings is to diminish your own humanity.

It is denying that there are seasons in life, and that life itself is too short not to savour the bright and beautiful days.

So, on the last days of 2021, what is your point of view from where you are standing?

It may be a good idea to walk to another part of the mountain you stand on and watch the rock formation that obscured your view.

Things may not look as bad as it seemed.

Happy New Year.

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