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Hannah is a published author and award winning poet, motivational and inpirational speaker, who enjoys getting involved in a number of community projects that encourage and ehance lives around her.

As well as running children's workshops and educational enrichment programmes within schools and communities, Hannah uses her skills to inspire and educate.

In 2010, Hannah was awarded the BME Community Award.

Ghana pattern

Ghana Project

In 2019 Hannah extended her work to Ghana, working with schools, encouraging children to read through her Read and Win prize.  Sadly the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic brought this to an abrupt halt.   

Ghana Project

Schools Projects

Helping children to learn essential life skills for personal, emotional and social development.  Hannah brings stories to life in your school classroom or assembly.  You can click to download our leaftlet.

School Kids

Committment to Investing in Children

One of the many projects Hannah is involved in is Hope House, where she donated sales from her Life Affirming book "Sporty Ted" to this wonderful charity who supports seriously ill children.

Hope house.jpg
Children grow too quickly so, capturing their imagination in the primary school years mean you can access their emotional and psychological intelligence at every stage.
Hannah Adjepong

If you would like to get in touch with Hannah, with regards to any projects you are either interested in, or would like to work collaboratively with Hannah, please click here to email ... lets start talking.


Girl with Bookshelves
Community Garden

Rachel, Area Fundraiser

Hope House is entirely dependent upon voluntary sources of income, your work and support is invaluable and much appreciated.

Children reading.jpg

Year 3 student

Thank you for your stories about the singing tortoise and the kings and trees.  We liked the way you got the children involved.  Thank you for shwoing us the plantain ad the cassava.  We thought your voice was wonderful and your materials were beautiful.  Please come and visit again


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