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Books and Inspirational Poetry

Stories that help children learn essential life skills necessary for personal, emotional and social development.

Life Affirming Stories

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Sporty Blue Ted

Imogen Edwards

The book really clasps the young reader.  As well as having a fantasy point of view it also gives educational facts, so not only do you get a good story, but also some education.  its not just an amazing story, it also has lovely pictures that really bring the book to life.

Zelia the Young Gazelle

A Clews, Head of Lower School William Brookes

A well-written beautifully presented book with many hidden depths.  An asset to the book collection of any younger child and parents.

The Guinea Fowl Does Not Care

Dawn Crocker, Lay Worker, St Christopher's Trust

Children are mesmerised by Hannah's gift of storytelling.  She has the ability to relate her stories in a way that they feel it is their own.  Love, passion and humour shine through all she conveys through her poetry and storytelling.

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