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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker?

TedX Speaker Hannah adjepong

When you hire TEDx Speaker Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong from Inspire & Bless LTD for your conference, company, church or charity event, you dont just get a blank, canned presentation.


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will make your next event a stunning success?

Do you want entertaining and educational training that will leave your attendees raving long after the event?

We've got you covered.


Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong’s straight-from-the-heart delivery, passion, and energy, inspires audiences to go beyond their real and perceived limitations... and into step into their God-given potential.

With charisma, warmth and humour, Hannah Yaawusuah, delivers the right message for your unique audience. As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on Importance of Connection, Hannah is a sought-after presenter who translates theory into bottom-line results for her clients. Rest assured; your people will love it. And they will be inspired to achieve more for themselves, your organization and your clients.

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will make your next event a stunning success?

Do you want entertaining and educational training that will leave your attendees raving long after the event?

We've got you covered.


Our speaking schedule fill quickly, so we encourage you to contact us so we can set up a 15-minutes call to determine if we are a good fit for each other.


Telephone: +44 777 2856 195

Website: Inspire and bless 

Importance of Connection

Your friend laughs at your joke. Your co-worker offers congratulations on landing that big account. Your spouse kisses you goodbye.

They are all helping you bust stress and boost happiness.

Social connection not only improves psychological well-being it also improves your health.

One recent study showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

Hannah adjepong

Conversely, strong social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity. Now learn the keys to increasing connection, health, and happiness in this dynamic session.

  • Do you want to know how to stand in the truth of who you are?

  • Do you want to know how to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace?

  • Do you want to know how your self-acceptance can impact other people?

  • Do you want to know how to create a supportive community in the workplace?


Virtual appearance to share poems - maximum 15 minutes £250

Virtual bespoke Keynote on a specific topic 30-45 minutes £600

Physical presence and delivery on a specific topic up to 1 hour £750

Professor Lalage Bown OBE
University of Glasgow, UK

Hannah makes frequent public appearances to speak about a variety of topics, including black history, cultural heritage, personal development, and the Christian faith. She integrates personal anecdotes, historical accounts, and visual media to create riveting, inspirational speeches for each new event. Hannah is the real didactic person who tells interesting stories with teaching and a message behind it.

Dag Saunders
NHS manager and magistrate, England

Hannah Adjepong is one of those larger-than-life figures who can change the lives of those they meet, her enthusiasm for recognising how children need to develop and how they can be helped shines through and will be an inspiration to many.

Darshana Ubl
Co-Founder of Mayfair Silk and Verve Rally, London

In a world where imagination and creativity are stifled, Hannah Adjepong is a breath of fresh air. Always inspiring she has a gift for storytelling and encourages her friends and colleagues to document their life stories. She shares her passion for creating a legacy and making a difference in the world. I’ve had Hannah go through my TEDx speech and bring it alive - and the warmth of her friendship is something that I treasure greatly.

Daniel Blasczyk
Enrichment Coordinator, Telford College of Arts and Technology, England

Hannah's talks on Black history were insightful and inspiring. Before Hannah's talk, some students took their life skills for granted. She made the students think about immigration and life skills in a different way. She also educated students on significant parts of Black history and where certain parts of our unsavoury language have stemmed from. Students realised that using positive words created a safe environment for learning. She encouraged students to read, research and start to write their family history. She has a warm and engaging presence through delivery. Would highly recommend her services.

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