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Writing your life story is like opening a treause box

Your treasure box is full of memories.


Take a trip down memory lane and share anecdotes, experiences, and emotions from your formative years. Describe the environment in which you grew up, including your family dynamics, home life, and community surroundings. Recall significant events, milestones, and adventures that shaped your early years. Share memories of favourite activities, hobbies, and playmates that brought joy and excitement to your childhood days. Reflect on the lessons learned, challenges faced, and values instilled during this pivotal period of your life. Consider how your childhood experiences have influenced your  personality, interests, and aspirations as an adult. By sharing your childhood narrative, you provide insight into the journey that has shaped you into the person you are today.

Share your story

Your life story is your legacy

How to use a childhood memory to start your Legacy of family stories


With the new technology where we have a global audience, do not limit yourself to who you are writing for especially as families are scattered all over the world.

Time for some quick tips:


​While knowing who you are writing for focuses your mind, have at the back of your mind a person or group of people who will most enjoy your book.


​Family history can be about many people but choose carefully and let family members know that you will be writing a book about the other family memberes who were not mentioned anywhere else

Write Your Own Story: Parents and Children

Module 01: Introduction


How did the day begin?


In crafting your own story about parents and children, you could use the question "How did the daybegin?" to set the scene and provide insight into the dynamics of the family. You might explore themorning routines, emotions, and interactions that shape the beginning of each day for the characters.This question can serve as a springboard to delve into the unique experiences, challenges, and joys thatcome with parenthood and childhood, offering readers a glimpse into the daily lives and relationships ofthe characters.


What should bear resemblance to a day in your own life?


To write your own story about parents and children using the question "How did the day begin?" in amanner resembling a day in your own life, start by reflecting on your personal experiences and routines.Consider the typical morning rituals, interactions, and emotions shared between you and your familymembers. Incorporate details that capture the essence of your daily life, such as waking up to the familiarsounds of breakfast being prepared, exchanging morning greetings with your loved ones, and embarkingon the day's activities together. By drawing from your own experiences, you can infuse authenticity andrelatability into your story, allowing readers to connect with the characters and themes on a deeper level.


Writing a book in memory of my daughter who was murdered was one of the toughest project I

The memories of her life from when she was conceived, her birth until the day she was brutally murdered
kept swirling around my head.

I knew I would have no release until I got it all down on paper.

It is one thing writing a book. It is a completely different thing publishing that book.

With so many publishing outlets online, I wanted to know that in the editing of my book, I will not lose my
author's voice.

I wanted every emotion I went through and am still going through to be captured.

I have known Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong, founder and director of Inspire & Bless Ltd for many years. I
have read some of her published books and thought who better to consult than her.

She and her team worked hand in hand with me, from the book title and subtitle to the editing.

I felt supported every step of the way. The book cover had to be changed to reflect the wishes of my

Inspire & Bless Ltd showed sensitivity and professionalism in the way they handled everything.

I am promoting and marketing my book myself seeing results.

If you have writing and publishing needs, I highly recommend Inspire & Bless Ltd.

William Yawsachie


Author of 
Murdered in Tirana
Victim of Love
A father's anguish

This book will be available soon on Amazon
and also, from my website

About Coaching



Who are you, and what are you supposed to be doing here  on earth? 


What is your assignment?


Some people seem to know what they are supposed to do from an early age. 


Ask a group of school children what they would like to be, and the answers roll off their tongues. Some of them are sure they  will achieve their childhood dreams of becoming doctors, pilots, engineers, teachers, gardeners, or pottery makers.


It is a passion they discovered early in life. 


For the rest of us, the question "What is  your assignment?" may be answered with a shrug or "I don't know."


However, we all walk and work towards an assignment not yet revealed to us. 


We may have an inkling but not the opportunity. 


The opportunity may be there, but we may blow it and miss it. 


So, how does a person know what they are supposed to do or be?


After trying to do many jobs which never satisfy them, some people simply give up. 


As long as they can provide the bare necessities of life, they are okay. Bless them because they have reached an acceptance of who they are and have peace in themselves. 


They envy no one and do not crave what they cannot afford.


They are the salt of the earth. 


Another group does whatever they can to reach the goals they set for themselves.


I call them the warriors. They push and pull with sweat and blood; they do not rest until they achieve their goals.


Life is harsh, life is war, and they live their lives as though on a battle field. 


Some in this warrior group will step on whoever gets in their way. For them, achieving their goals blinds them

to the needs of people around them. They are in a race they are determined to win, come what may.


Support is good, but if they don't get support, they go it alone.

They succeed but with many scars.


So, the questions "What is your assignment?" or "Who would you like to be?" are similar to trying to look into an unknown  future.


Some of us got into jobs we never dreamt about.


For me, writing was something I enjoyed. I had a career I found immense satisfaction in. 


Nursing is a rewarding and humbling profession that put me in touch with my own humanity and mortality.

Midwifery was exhilarating and emotionally enriching, except when the icy cold hands of death touched the mother or their unborn baby.


And don't we wish there were areas in life where death was not allowed?


So, my years of nursing young and old, plus the immense satisfaction of helping mothers birth their babies, were what I would have described as my assignment.


When what you enjoy doing is cut short through injury or ill health, it becomes difficult to know what to do next. 


In my case, I was still thinking of what I could still do in nursing. 


Post-natal care, as in maternity nursing, appealed to me.  I enjoyed doing that until my old back problem flared up and made me admit that was it for me.


Writing was a hobby I enjoyed, but I never thought I could make a career out of it.


In a recent presentation for graduate nurses,  I mentioned how "Providence" pushed me into nursing. That is another whole book by itself.


This is because nursing and midwifery were never part of my childhood dreams.


I read detective books like Perry Mason and thought how wonderful it would be to work as a spy or private detective. To be able to investigate and solve crimes felt exciting. 


Failing that, teaching primary school children was something I thought I could do, which I did briefly before "Providence" pushed me into nursing and midwifery.


Learning to write reports on individual patients enhanced my writing hobby.


I wrote short stories, poems, and articles to shorten my days when there wasn't much to do.


As much as I liked to be with people, writing seemed to soothe and help me reflect on what I felt was important.


I enrolled in a writing course when my children were younger because I wanted to draft my mother's story for them to write and publish when they were older.


My mother, who did not have the opportunity to go to school,  wanted her story to be written so her great-grandchildren would know about her life. 


While I thought that was important, emotionally, I did not feel ready to write her story as it was very raw because it affected me. 


Learning to write in different genres on the writing course was daunting, and as any writing coach or mentor would advise, writing about what you know makes writing fun and easy.


I chose the fun and easy way and continued to write poems. Occasionally, I wrote short stories and reflective articles. Winning four international poetry awards and becoming a distinguished member of the International Ssociety of Poets ushered me into the world of writing.


Writing is no longer a hobby I enjoy but a career. I have written and published seven children's story books and six selected poetry books.


Yet every time I tried to write my mother's life story, the emotional impact overwhelmed me, so I put down the points she was passionate about and consulted my siblings for more information.


I am the last of ten children. My older siblings experienced the injustice, which my mother wanted me to write about because I was a baby when it all happened. I guess that was why my mother was keen that I wrote her story, which is also our family history. 


If I found it emotionally challenging to write it, my older siblings found it more so.


With the passing of years and the recent passing of one of my older sisters, the story has come full circle. I appreciate more the wisdom of documented family history. It has awakened a passion for owning and standing in the truth of who you are, no matter how painful your past has been. 


Emotional healing comes when you are no longer angry, afraid, or embarrassed about your life story. 


I adopted the slogan, 

"Your heart  is a treasure box.

Your life story is your legacy."


I believe my assignment now is to help you open your treasure box and find in it amazing stories that will help you appreciate your heritage and pass strength to future generations. 


If, like me, you appreciate documented family history and would like to start writing your life story, reach out to me.


Let us find out where you are and what you need to help you start a journey of discovery and healing through writing.

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