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Introducing Panda's Song and stories for young families

Focussing on the importance of community and friendship, the weekly story sessions with Hannah and "create your own story program" will inspire the creative side of children.

The book illustrates how policies on lifelong learning are themselves in part premised on the contribution education and training can make to promote an inclusive society.  Social exclusion offends against human dignity, denies people their fundamental human rights, and leads to marginalization, thereby deepening inequalities.  The book illustrates social exclusion and inclusion.

Solomon Asare-Kumah

- Hannah Adjepong, Author -

About Panda's Song

Panda's Song is a celebration of life!  A heartwarming story that captivates children of all ages.  Focusing on the importance of community and friendship, inspiring children with confidence in knowing that each one of us is special and unique.

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Hannah is a published award-winning poet, author, and live storyteller.  Her skills as a storyteller have been passed on to her by her family and the culture of her home country, Ghana.  Hannah is a passionate and inspiring lady who uses her skills as a  storyteller to inspire and educate children and adults.  her message is


"Despite outward appearances, we are all the same and should dwell on the positive in ourselves and each other.  We have a common humanity and should practice self-acceptance as well as accepting other people."

Story-time with Hannah

Heart warming stories that captivate children.  Visit Facebook page to link in to these fantastic story sessions with your child.

Usually held on a Thursday - please see the live Facebook page feed to confirm.

Create your own story

Consisting of a 12-week program, with Hannah's inspiration and guidance you and your little ones can create their very own story, capturing their imagination which will provide memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

We can also support you with publishing the story and would make a lovely gift for family and friends.

Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing this further.

Lets create a story
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