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books mentoring
books mentoring

Mentoring for new Writers

Helping you with your journey to seeing your book in print

Welcome to Inspire & Bless Mentoring.

Many people have written books or are in the process of doing so on a variety of subjects, and in my experience the cost associated with publishing has prevented them from seeing their hard work "in print".

I myself was a victim of the vanity press and lost a lot of money I could ill afford.  I was disappointed and yet I soldiered on, finding a Publisher who would publish my book, however, I ended up doing all of the work, including sourcing an illustrator.  Then there was marketing.

I was unprepared for the costs involved and I was charged a huge amount of money to have my book listed in the Guardian Newspaper - only later to find out I could have done this at a fraction of the price.

It is with my years of experience and mistakes I have made along the way, I would like to share with you in my Mentoring Programme, designed to work with you on the basics of publishing, which will help you on your journey to seeing your book in print.

Hannay Yaawusuah Adjepong

books mentoring

Ghanaian born grandmother and published poet inspires British schoolchildren


Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong, four times International Poetry Award winner and author who was born and brought up in Ghana.

She was taken out of school as a teenager as her family couldn’t afford to buy her school uniform and books, yet now spends her time motivating and educating British school children, on both a voluntary and paid basis. 


Using traditional African storytelling skills passed down through generations, Hannah uses this unique vehicle to share messages on subjects including positive body image and acceptance of self and others.  


She has also published children's storybooks including Panda’s Song, which delivers the same message.


Hannah is available as an expert to comment on relevant features or to contribute to discussion and magazine format programs on radio and TV.




Teaching children not to judge


Self acceptance and self love

Body image

The value of education


Story telling



Hannah Yaawusah Adjepong 

Poet, Author & Publisher of Life-Affirming Stories for children in Primary Schools

Director of Inspire & BLESS Ltd

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