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Ten years on. God is good

Ten years ago, I set up Inspire & BLESS Ltd. It was a scary and as many entrepreneurs would agree, I felt the fear and did it anyway. Before then I volunteered with three local charities for seven years - some of the work I did was emotionally draining and I stretched myself thin and took so much on board that books I could have published just sat on the computer.

The hardest part was sorting out the endless paperwork, finding poems and short stories I had written and kept in drawers, bags and inside magazines. When one of my friends asked for a list of my poems, I had only three hundred to show her but I knew I had written more.

Jenny Griffiths and Bethany Craig came to my rescue. Alice Asare scanned all my hand written poems and filed them for me. Asatu Gateweh simply sorted short stories and drafts of children's stories. I was the one who was blown away when the list of poems reached one thousand and counting.

Just so I do not bore you, I am pleased to say that by God's grace I have published six Life-Affirming Stories for children in primary schools. Revised two poetry books and in the process of publishing sample stories for parents who would like to create stories with their children. This is a project I successfully did in over forty schools. The positive interaction I have had with children from nursery to year six has inspired me to encourage parents to have the joy of creating stories with their children that are unique to them.

This post was written on 2nd January 2020, just a couple of months before the COVID pandemic hit.

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