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The Gift of God?

My niece posted an incident in her life on Facebook about how quick we could judge people. Sometimes I answer to posts straight away and add a comment or two. This morning I was reminded of the Samaritan woman Jesus met at a well.

The woman of Samaria was simply being a Samaritan in a different way; they did not have much to do with Jews. So she was surprised that this Jewish man would ask her for a drink of water.

Culture and up bringing can sometimes rob us of the Gift of God.

"How can you a Jew ask ME a woman of Samaria for a drink?" (Even Jesus suffered racial discrimination and prejudice.)

He answered “If you knew the gift of God and the person asking you for a drink you would ask him to give you living water."

I feel that the people who are quick to judge need the most compassion, grace and tact as Jesus showed to this woman. I love the story of the woman of Samaria. (John 4)

The whole chapter is packed with truth and grace.

What is the gift of God?

The gift of God is the MERCY which He extends to the worst sinners.

God's gift can be the people we meet every day. They are just normal human beings from every nation tribe and tongue.

Jesus knows all about every person and yet speaks and accepts each one of us with such grace and mercy.

May His love, truth, grace and mercy rule our hearts so that every person we meet is treated with courtesy and kindness as we begin this season of Lent.


You may Google "The Woman of Samaria" and read the whole story

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