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Working in Schools

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The privilege to impact one life by the spoken word. The appointment by the Lord of time for an opportunity to speak to a particular person at a particular place.

We are messengers when we address a crowd. There may be thousands of people in the auditorium, but the message we deliver may be for just one person.

I did something today which I never have done in a school. I got all of the students of music to stand for applause.

They looked embarrassed and may have wondered why I did that. When I explained that we were applauding their future where we will be paying money to watch them in concerns or buy their music, it was like a light switched on. They grasped a future they may not have envisaged before now.

I hope that they remember this day as a day which made them think of their future.

If just one of them remembers it would make my time worthwhile.

I was speaking about one of Ghana's great musicians Dr Ephriam Koku Amu.

His music was part of my childhood and also part of the fabric of Ghana. It is always a privilege to represent Ghana and build cross cultural bridges among the young people.

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