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Who is the message for?

When my soul feels overwhelmed.

When the evidence is there for all to see and when I am tempted to defend myself. he does it better always.

It may seem easier and quicker to clear the air and get on with life, but who said we are supposed to clear the air?

Who said people should not have their doubts and strongly hold negative opinions about us?

Who said we are supposed to make sense of everybody?

Who have you been sent to?

Among the thousands gathered to hear you speak - who is your message for?

Feedback is great don't get me wrong, but did your message really reach the person it was ordained for?

A powerful message delivered is like any other message unless it transforms someone's life.

The transformation is something you may never see or hear about.

As a messenger, all you do is deliver, it may take years for it to bear fruit in a person's life.

If you can find joy in being a messenger, your job would have been done.

As a postman does not wait for the letters he delivers to be read, so you must deliver your message and trust that it will benefit the one to whom it was sent.

He watches over, his word to perform it.

Feedback is good when people make us feel that our time has not been wasted but the real feedback happens long after the message is delivered.

God is able to bring to people's minds, words that have been spoken weeks, months and years before, because he does it better always.

He clears doubts and makes his word bring forth fruit.

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