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A text message to my sister

Grief is said to be private but in public we have shared our joy and success with those we love.

How can we not also share the pain of grief with those we love?

Those who know and experience that deep void?

My sister, my sister, I do miss your phone calls and text messages.

I miss our time of prayer and sharing.

I miss hearing your voice and laughter, I miss you my sister.

So I cry and I cry till the tears soak my chest.

In private of course, for the funeral is over, and the people have dispersed.

Each one to their own private grief when they remember the way you touched their lives.

You were never thought of as one of those people who would pass away in the midst of their days.

You certainly were like those who always stayed around till age built a tent to shield them.

When you did not answer my text message, I thought the young people may have put a different sim in your phone as they have done many times before.

I was expecting to hear the familiar story of the phone being reunited with the right sim.

But it was not to be, the silence of eternity has closed the chapter of our chatter.

I miss you my sister, and though this is a rather long text message, I hope you get it in heaven where you are.

You are always in my thoughts and will be always in my heart my sister.

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