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About us

Award winning poet and children's author delivering 'Life-Affirming Stories' and workshops to children and parents.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of communication. It reveals the truth to us, and we grow by learning from life's many stories. In my home country Ghana, stories, music, and dance have been used as educational tools for centuries; for teaching, encouraging, and building stronger communities. When you hear a story that resonates with your life and experience, it helps you to know that you are not alone.

My specialty is creating life-affirming stories that help children to learn essential life skills for personal, emotional, and social development. They discover their own uniqueness, their creative potential and use their hidden talents.

Life-affirming stories are specially created for children in primary schools where I believe strong foundations are laid. Life-affirming stories are empowering and character changing


For the past ten years, I have been privileged to work with over forty schools in Shropshire with headteachers who are passionate about maintaining and protecting good values and keen for children to discover their creative potential. Depending on the issues a school needs to address, my workshops and story sessions are tailored for the children to work through and find answers.

 I have successfully delivered storytelling and story-creating workshops using both my published and yet to be published children’s stories and books. Children are taught to use my 5 unique steps to create their very own stories which have been well received in all schools and in the community.

Inspirational Poetry

As an award-winning Poet, I write inspirational poems a that bring hope, humour and lifts your spirits helping you to look more on the bright side of life. We all have flaws but dwelling on them makes us feel worse. There is always sunshine after rain, and nature teaches us that seasons like our feelings come and go. For a small amount you may download which poem resonates with you and share with your friends.

Mentoring New Writers

Writing a first book is a noble aspiration but with so many vanity publishers who charge an arm and a leg for first-time authors, I have a mentoring programme that saves them money and encourage them to use online resources available that they may not know about.


Don’t forget grandparents.

When we think about families, grandparents are the backbone of every family, but because they may not be as strong as they used to be, they should not be counted out. My passion is for a holistic family where children learn from their grandparents to appreciate and respect their heritage. This coaching programme for grandparents is a one-on-one online12 weeks course where I help grandparents write their life story as a legacy for future generations.


My blogs sometimes help to let off steam and reflect on what is happening around the world.

Mission Statement

Inspire and BLESS Ltd is committed to creating and publishing inspirational content, working with adults, children and young adults.

We organise workshops for families - we believe in laying good foundations is an essential part of forming life skills.  Our events help build confidence, emotional intelligence, intellectrual understanding, foster friendship which help individuals engage in global citizenship.


We create poems and stories with positive and powerful messages that build unity in spire of diverse backgrounds in this ever changing world. 

Meet The Team


Choir Leader, St Patricks School Wellington

It was fantastic, the children loved it they were really into the performance and they loved listening to Hannah. She’s so interesting she had them in the palm of her hands and she always tells interesting stories. She always catches the children’s imagination. It was a wonderful evening

Amy Lake (8 yrs old), Appley Wood Primary School, Telford

My favourite book is Panda Song. My favourite bit is “You are a very beautiful bear like me. You must learn to love yourself as you are and stop wishing you were different.

Solomon A. Kumah, London

The book illustrates how policies on lifelong learning are themselves in part premised on the contribution education and training can make to promote an inclusive society. Social exclusion offends against human dignity, denies people their fundamental human rights and leads, to marginalization thereby deepening inequalities. The book illustrates social exclusion and inclusion

Cath Pocock - School Workshops

I enjoyed the book. It inspires people who are down I'd say. The message is very encouraging and well written. You could say it paints a picture of the story in my mind."

Key Stage Two Pupil (Windmill Primary School & Children's Centre)

“MANY MANY THANKS for yesterday. The students (and staff!) loved you. I do hope you will come back another time

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